INDEXAR Company is a national and international import and export organization in vegetables and fruit, founded in 2018 by a number of experienced traders, who, by that time, already had a proven track record in the vegetables & fruit industry.

INDEXAR Company supplies a complete vegetable, fruit and flowers package from all over the world. From nuts, fresh and dried fruits to the flowers and plants. Working with a wide range of suppliers. Namely a few: Exportadora Anakena LTDA (Chille), Fruit Broker Co, LTD (Thailand), BP FruitCraft BVBA (Belgium), Vanmarcke Rofer en Zonen NV (Belgium), De Gooijer International B.V. (Netherlands), Global Plant Export (Netherlands), Enigma Trading (Netherlands), Nodavi Limited Company (Vietnam), Langedijk BV, Lorberg gmbh (Germany), Milele Flowers (Kenya), Avrora flowers (Italy), Davinciroses (Equador), Giorgoi Tesi group (Italy), Margareta Export (Equador), Mikicava Export Flowers (Equador), Flores Aurora (Columbia), Neumann Pflanzen, Macarena Farms (Columbia), TurFlor S.A. (Columbia), Ozkale IC VE DIS TICARDT LTD. (Turkey), DAKAO agricultural produce export  and production co.(Vietnam), CALBU Spa (Chille), Harvest Nut Spa (Chille), Clarges Trading Ltd (UK), Wordly Delights (Vietnam), Trafalgar Foods limited Ltd (UK), Worldly delights LTD (Vietnam).

INDEXAR Company delivers to over 10 customers in 5 different countries in various segments in Russia, Belarus, East Europe and Asia: retail, wholesalers, discount and catering.

INDEXAR Company primarily works together with producers who have Global/Eurep-GAP certificates and who work in accordance with these standards.


INDEXAR Company carries an extremely wide variety of vegetables, fruit and a number of exotics that are continuously expanding. In addition to the countries around the Mediterranean, the products originate from South Africa, South America, USA, Thailand, Chille and Many Asian and African countries.

Years of experience, the best product knowledge and reliable suppliers warrant top quality products of INDEXAR Company. We carry a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and a number of exotics. Our loyal customers allow us to supply to supermarket organizations, traditional wholesalers, exporters and the market trade throughout the European Union and Singapore, all year long at very competitive prices.


In addition, INDEXAR Company is continuously monitoring the country of origin of the fruit and the vegetables, as well as the transportation process. This is done in a very advanced and adequate way, by regular partners who have state of the art equipment.

Constant contact with the driver and temperature monitoring of the cargo, allow us to deliver the quality the customer expects from us. On arrival, we always perform an extensive quality inspection.

The strength of INDEXAR Company is the trust. We have gained the trust from our suppliers in European Union, Turkey, Singapore and other countries for instance, but also from our customers. This does not only apply to standard products such as oranges, mandarins, grape fruits, lemons and all varieties of vegetables, but also for many types of soft fruit, such as melons, stone fruits and grapes.

Throughout the year we pay visits to our suppliers around the world, allowing us to always be aware of the best places to get the fruit that tastes the best, vegetables that look the best, for the most competitive prices.

INDEXAR Company employs people who have gained specific product knowledge due to their many years of experience. Their experience gives them an incredible advantage, from which you, as a customer, can benefit as well.